Can Drug Rehab, Detox, and Counseling Be Affordable with Insurance?

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Do you want to know if a certain drug rehab works with your private insurance?  Do you want to pay as little out of pocket as possible and use your private insurance policy as the primary means of paying for a good addiction treatment center?  Do you want to enroll into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center and pay as little of a down payment as possible?  Well, these possibilities  could quite possibly exist.  Many people take full advantage of your insurance benefits, all while getting the best addiction help possible!  Our service at is a humanitarian service offered to help you in your recovery endeavor.   Our guidance and assistance are offered for free and we are ready to assist you right now!  For immediate help, please fill out our contact form and we will be with you promptly.  You should also know that your personal information is privileged and highly confidential.  There is no reason not to get started right away!

Most of the best drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers accept private insurance.  Most of the reputable and effective private drug counselors, therapists, psychologists, and other doctors accept private insurance.   But whether you are considering inpatient rehab or outpatient counseling, many options require a substantial down payment or a sizable out of pocket expense from the individual.

Although most of the top notch drug and alcohol treatment centers and drug and alcohol counselors have as their main mission to actually get a person’s addiction or alcoholism resolved, they are also businesses and are looking to profit.  Even the non-profit addiction treatment centers and rehabs that do not accept government funding have to ultimately charge a fee so that the administrators can run and operate the facilities.

If you are using your insurance for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, counseling, detox, or some other type of addiction treatment, you are actually conducting a business transaction.  The product being sold is addiction treatment and recovery, hopefully.  Like all business transactions, the more understanding a customer has and the more research that they have done, the better position that they will be in as a consumer.

However, there is a problem that many individuals and their families run into when they are researching effective drug and alcohol rehabs that accept insurance.  When an individual requires drug or alcohol treatment, the situation is often a crisis that involves immediate intervention and rehab or counselor placement, with very little time left for family members to do extensive research.  It can be a desperate situation.  On the one hand, individuals and families want to get the very best help available.  On another hand, they want to limit their personal cost and take full advantage of their private insurance that they have been paying those hefty premiums on.  But now, in the moment of crises, those tasks can be difficult to achieve with such a limited window of opportunity.

Well, this is where we come in.  Our goal is to make sure that you or your loved one is getting the best rehab, detox, or counseling available.  We want to make sure that the treatment option is comfortable, compatible for your specific needs, and that has the greatest probability of producing the result of successful, life lasting sobriety.  We also are familiar with how insurance works in the fields of chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment.  It is very much within your best interests for you to clearly map out your benefits, your deductible, and all of the other intricacies and details involved with an insurance plan.  Furthermore, we can liaise with the treatment centers and counselors to help with the benefits verification process.  You deserve to get the best quality help as possible and to limit the personal expense as much as possible.

The path of recovery is paved before you or your loved one.  Your private insurance plan such as those offered by United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield could quite possibly leave a limited “dent in the pocketbook,” as long as you have the right type of benefits and go to an addiction treatment option where those benefits are honored.  We want to help you or your loved one!  We want to help a person get sober through the best and most compatible rehab, detox, or counseling option of choice.  We want to help you to make full use of any resources that you have.  Insurance can be an excellent resource. Let’s get started!

For immediate help, please fill out our contact form.  Your personal information is protected and confidential.   Our service is free.  There is no need to live like this for one more day.  Act now!

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