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New York residents searching for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, or addiction treatment with Humana insurance may have a wealth of resources on hand to help them deal with drug addiction or alcoholism.  It is true that beating an addiction can be one of the most difficult thing that a person has to go through.  But there really is no alternative.  New York residents have successfully walked away from their chemical dependency issues forever.  Humana insurance may put you exactly in the position to make this happen now.  So don’t wait!  For immediate, free, and confidential help, call us or fill out our contact form right away.  We respect your privacy and are ready to help you now.

Humana is widely respected in the treatment industry.  Many Humana insurance plans offer an array of benefits for rehab, detox, and counseling.  It is vital that an individual understands their insurance plan, understands the fine print, understands the deductible and co-pay amounts, and basically understands the whole process of using insurance to help with addiction treatment. If any of the above is not fully clear to you, it is strongly recommended that you seek out compassionate professionals who can help clearly map out the process.  At, we have worked with Humana at length.  Our goal is likely the same as yours:  to help individuals enroll into excellent treatment and actually overcome their addictions once and for all.  We can help you to pool resources such as your Humana plan.  We can help you understand exactly what it could take to obtain sobriety.

In addition to helping people decipher their insurance plans, we also are highly familiar with the addiction treatment options in the state of New York.  Whether you are looking in populous Manhattan or within the outskirts of New York City or some smaller city like Rochester or Syracuse, there are addiction treatment options readily available.  Recognized rehab, detox, and counseling options exist in other cities of New York such as Mount Vernon, Schenectady, Buffalo, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Utica, Hempstead, and Albany.  Still other addiction treatment options can be found all across the state of New York and in neighboring states as well.

But don’t be fooled, all rehab, detox, and counseling options do not offer equal quality of care.  Humana may open the door to help defray the cost with many of your addiction treatment options, but it is still critical that you select an option that will provide compatibility.  We highly recommend that you do your full research into each treatment option that you are more seriously considering.  Another facet of our service is to help you identify those rehab, detox, and counseling options that most closely match your criteria.

New York residents beat addiction all of the time and you can too!  Humana may help to pave the recovery path that you so desperately seek.  Don’t wait to get help, let’s get started right away!  For immediate, free, and confidential help, all you have to do is call or fill out our contact form now.

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