To most, Iowa is known as farm country, with acres of beautiful farmland and plentiful waterways. In fact, 92 percent of the state’s land is used for agricultural purposes, which is a rate second only to Nebraska. However, this serene farm state is no stranger to problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

Among the astounding population of 3,123,899 residents, there are many who face struggles with addiction. Since 1999, deaths from prescription opioid overdoses have quadrupled in the state, and instances of heroin overdoses have been steadily rising. There are options available for those who need help with addiction thanks to Iowa insurance for drug rehab and therapy.

Iowa Drug Rehab Coverage Through State-Funded and Other Programs

If you don’t have private Iowa insurance for drug rehab and treatment, it does not mean that there is no help available. There are some state-funded and other programs that are available free or at a low cost for individuals in certain financial circumstances.

State-Funded Medicaid in Iowa

Perhaps the most widely recognized state-funded program for people with no insurance is the state’s Medicaid program. Thanks to the expanded coverage that took effect in 2014, people with income levels at 133 percent of the poverty level may qualify for Medicaid coverage. You may also qualify for Medicaid coverage if you:

  • Are declared disabled by the Social Security Administration
  • Are directly responsible for the care of a disabled child
  • Are pregnant and have a lower income

In general, Medicaid will cover the costs of certain types of addiction treatment, from inpatient treatment to medically supervised detox. However, some services will come along with a fee for service even though the majority of the costs of treatment will be covered.

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation

If you are able to work, there are a handful of vocational rehabilitation programs in Iowa. These programs offer services free to patients as long as they perform specific duties, either within the facility or at a non-profit organization. For example, you may be required to work at a non-profit agency in the community for five days a week to receive treatment at the facility at a low or no cost.

Iowa Health Insurance Providers

Iowa residents are lucky enough to have several health insurance provider options, whether they are looking for private insurance or something through their employer. Even better, many of the top-name insurance providers in Iowa do offer addiction treatment coverage.

Celtic Health Insurance (Ambetter)

Celtic Insurance, which is also known widely as Ambetter, offers basic PPO plans, preferred network plans, and HSA health plans in the state of Iowa. The primary advantage of Celtic insurance is that they offer a range of different deductible-coverage plans to better suit your budget and keep health insurance affordable. For example, you can go with a higher $7500 deductible plan and keep your monthly premiums at a lower cost. Celtic Insurance also offers coverage for addiction treatment.

The IHC Group

The IHC Group is a private insurance company that offers supplemental insurance products for those in need of something not affiliated with an employer. IHC also offers supplemental insurance if what you have through another provider is not enough to cover your treatment costs. They have an Rx benefit card that provides users with discounts at more than 55,000 pharmacies nationwide, which can help if your private insurance does not cover addiction treatment with prescription medications.

United Health One

United Health One is part of UnitedHealthcare insurance, which has been one of the largest insurers in the country for more than 15 years. United Health One offers supplemental coverage for private customers and also has coverage options available for businesses who want to cover their employees. While this insurance does not cover the full costs of addiction treatment, other services involved may be covered, such as prescriptions, which are included with short-term medical plans with a benefit maximum of $3,000.

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurers in the state of Iowa with more than 1.8 million Iowans having coverage through this licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Wellmarks Essential Health Benefits (EHB) plan is the most commonly purchased plan for enrollees and covers all of the basics of general health care. One of the greatest advantages of Wellmark BCBS is that most plans offered cover counseling, psychotherapy, and behavioral health treatments. This coverage does include substance-use disorder services.

Common Questions About Covered Drug Treatment in Iowa

When seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in the state of Iowa, you are bound to have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common questions regarding Iowa drug rehab and treatment programs.

What Types of Iowa Drug Rehab Are Available?

If you determine that your insurance does cover some or all of the costs associated with drug or alcohol rehabilitation, your next step is to find the right place to go for treatment. Thankfully, the state of Iowa is a leading location where treatment facilities are concerned, with as many in-state residents seeking treatment here as those who live out of state. When you are seeking treatment in Iowa for addiction, you will find:

  • Treatment centers that offer outpatient recovery with prescription addiction medications
  • State-of-the-art treatment locations with a luxury and private setting
  • Treatment centers that focus on the dual diagnosis of addiction and other mental health concerns
  • Sober-living facilities and sober-living houses for extended recovery plans
  • Holistic or natural drug rehabilitation programs
  • Group therapy centers for anonymous meetings and therapy sessions
  • Detox facilities that focus on the initial hurdle of overcoming the detox process
  • Inpatient medical facilities with longer-duration programs

Does the Type of Addiction Matter for Insurance Purposes?

It is not common for insurance companies to differentiate addiction according to the type, even though this is a common worry among those who are seeking treatment. In the state of Iowa, if your insurance covers addiction treatment, you should not shy away from seeking treatment because you believe your specific problem is not covered. For example, there is no differentiation of coverage for someone who is seeking treatment for addiction to alcohol, opiates, meth, or any other substance.

What are Iowa’s Parity Laws?

Parity laws are set forth in each state that determines how insurance providers are allowed to treat mental health conditions compared to regular health benefits. Thankfully, the parity laws in the state of Iowa are in place even though some states do not have these legal outlines available. The parity laws in Iowa state the following:

  • There is to be a minimum mandated benefit from all insurance providers for certain mental health issues.
  • There is to be a minimum benefit of 30 inpatient days and 52 outpatient visits.
  • The mental impairment must be severe.

Because of the state’s parity laws on mental health treatment, there is a higher likelihood that addiction treatment will be covered by some providers.

What Is the Difference Between PPO Plans and HMO Plans?

The majority of the insurers available in Iowa offer PPO plans. However, some operate strictly with HMO coverage. Those that offer PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, are most preferred because you are more flexible to pick and choose among a wider range of providers. On the other hand. HMO plans, Health Maintenance Organization, tend to restrict treatment to only a select group of providers.

Living a life of addiction or seeing a loved one struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a scary situation, but not one that has to last forever. Thanks to the ever-evolving availability of drug rehab programs, more and more insurance providers are offering coverage options for their customers. In the state of Iowa, there are many resources available and coverage options through several insurance providers to help you cover the costs of addiction treatment.

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