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All hope can seem lost to those in Idaho struggling with addiction.  Drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs can certainly take their toll.  Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be plagues as well to Idaho residents.  Perhaps the very most effective thing that you can do now to turn your life or another’s life around for the better forever is to reach out and activate our team of advocates and specialists.  Your information is confidential and our help is offered for free.

Using Insurance for Drug Rehab in Idaho

The bad news is that you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The good news is that there can be a way out of the mire.  Insurance plans such as some of those offered through Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, as well as other providers can certainly be a tremendous resource.  These types of insurance plans can allow a person to access effective drug rehab and addiction treatment measures that may otherwise be not affordable.

So how do you know if you have the type of insurance that pays for rehab services such as counseling, therapy, intensive outpatient or outpatient rehab, residential or inpatient rehab, or medical detox?  And how do you know if the rehab that you or yours would like to attend actually accepts the insurance?  Indeed, these are pressing questions.

Through a process called benefit verification, it can be made possible to clearly lay out your benefits as they are applicable to drug rehab services as well as to understand what you will be contending with in terms of deductible, co-insurance, and co-pay.  Through a process called pre-authorization, a rehab should be able to tentatively get approval to treat an individual and accept their insurance as a form of payment.  As you can see, the process exists to simplify and streamline a person’s enrollment.

Our advocates and specialists are here to help you understand more about benefit verification and pre-authorization as well as to assist you in actually undertaking those actions!

Detox, Drug Rehab, and Counseling in Idaho

As the avenues begin to open, you will find that you also need to be very selective about your rehab choice.  All rehabs are not created equal.  Not all rehabs will offer the same potential for a person to get well.  Some rehabs work for some people and those same rehabs may not work for others.

Do not be confused or overwhelmed.  We are dedicated to helping you understand your options.  Our goal is the same as yours!  We want to help you or yours to arrive at the option for drug rehab or addiction treatment that offers a true potential for a sober outcome that is lasting!

You are not alone.  For more information about Idaho, drug rehab, insurance, or other matters, go ahead and contact us now.  Our help is offered for free!

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idaho, drug rehab, insurance

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