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Are you looking for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, or any other type of addiction treatment and you have health insurance that you would like to use to help cover the costs of rehabilitation? Well, despite the sorrow and misery that can be associated with addiction, a small congratulations is in order for finding our website.  Our staff really cares about helping you or your loved one achieve lifelong sobriety and recovery.  Our service is offered to you for free.  We want to commend you for taking the first step towards rehabilitation and we know that addiction issues can be very tough to confront.  We are here to help!  We can provide immediate guidance, advice, and referrals to top quality drug rehab facilities and counselors.  All you have to do is fill out our contact form and standby for real assistance.  Rest assured, any personal information that you disclose is highly safeguarded and confidential.  Let’s get started right away!

We understand that addressing an addiction problem and seeking drug rehab or alcohol rehab can be embarrassing, to put it mildly, or a life-threatening emergency in its most severe case.  If you are dealing with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction yourself or within your family or peer group, you have enough going on as it is.  Now factor in the thousands of drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, and other addiction treatment options to choose from, and the situation can become even more overwhelming.  Compound the addiction, choosing the right drug rehab, alcohol rehab, addiction treatment center, detox, or drug counseling option along with understanding your insurance benefits and understanding how to get your insurance benefits to work for you, and now you really have a full plate.  This is where we come in.

Our free and confidential service at was designed for two reasons. First of all, the importance of choosing the right drug rehab, alcohol rehab, or addiction treatment option cannot be emphasized enough. Basically, you want something that is comprehensive, that is going to actually work and get results, that is going to work the first time, and that produces results that are stable and long lasting. We have years of experience working with the myriad of drug and alcohol treatment facilities and options across the country. We can evaluate and assess your needs and help you choose the right option.

Secondarily, and just as pertinent, the importance of understanding your health insurance policy and plan is vital to getting your insurance to work for you. There is a lot to a standard insurance plan. There are different ways to qualify for benefits and get the benefits to apply to drug rehab, alcohol rehab, or any type of addiction treatment option. We have years of experience navigating and deciphering the complexities associated with health insurance.

If you have Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, or another type of insurance, or if you have a HMO plan, a PPO plan, a POS plan, or an EPO plan, we may be able to help you understand your policy. We may be able to help you understand how to best qualify for benefits. We may be able to help you to get your health insurance to work for you. Isn’t that the whole point?

Our real specialty at is to help individuals and families to get the best drug rehab, alcohol rehab, or addiction treatment option that is available and to help them get full assistance from their health insurance. This means that we may be able to help you get addiction treatment and rehabilitation at the very best centers or with the top counselors which normally cost thousands of dollars and would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

We invite you to take a look around on our website and please pay special attention to the Tips section. We are also available through our help form to offer more specific advice or input. We can help!  The depression and misery of addiction can be a thing of the past!  You or your loved one get a happy and productive life back once again!  Don’t wait! Let’s get started now!

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