Each year, healthcare insurance plans cover more than 205 billion dollars in costs associated with tobacco, alcohol, illicit drug, and prescription drug abuse, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. California spends 19.5 percent of its yearly budget on addiction and substance abuse programs, and .02 cents of every dollar goes towards prevention and treatment programs, including inpatient and outpatient treatment programs and medical detox, according to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. This is good news for individuals who need substance abuse treatment but fear they cannot afford it.


California Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab

In California, it is estimated that 12.5 percent of individuals over the age of 12 have used an illicit substance within the past month, according to SAMHSA. Thankfully, substance abuse is now considered an essential health benefit, according to, and as an essential benefit, your insurance plan is required to provide you coverage for inpatient services, behavioral therapy treatments and substance abuse treatment. According to Disability Rights California, your health coverage is required to provide you with equal coverage for both mental health treatment and physical conditions under California’s Mental Health Parity Laws. This means that you cannot be charged more for mental health services than services for physical conditions and ailments, including co-pays, insurance deductibles, any expenses paid out-of-pocket and the number of treatments you receive.

For low-income households, California offers Medi-Cal, which provides insurance coverage for individuals with substance use disorders. For individuals who need insurance, Covered California offers multiple health insurance plans, including HMOs, EPOs, PPOs. Available insurance providers include HealthNet, Blue Shield, and Oscar. Individuals can expect to pay between $246 and $635 per month, depending on the type of insurance coverage selected, the insurance provider and household specifics, not including applicable tax credits.

Healthcare Plans Offered For Drug Rehabilitation in California

There are many different healthcare providers and plans available for individuals who need substance use disorder treatment in California, and healthcare plans can easily be located on the Covered California website, which is the state’s health insurance exchange. Plan pricing will depend on the number of individuals you wish to ensure, your household income, the age of the head of household, and your specific zip code within California.

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California offers several bronze, silver and gold plans, depending on your health needs. Monthly premium amounts range from about $350 to more than $700. Coverage mental and behavioral health service and inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder treatment.

Plan Names

  • Bronze 60 PPO – $6,300 deductible
  • Bronze 60 HDHP PPO – $4,800 deductible
  • Silver 70 PPO – $2,500 deductible
  • Silver 70 HMO Trio – $2,500 deductible
  • Gold 80 HMO Trio – $0 deductible


HealthNet offers HMO and PPO bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans for monthly premiums ranging from slightly more than $300 to more than $500, dependent on your specific personal details and coverage preferences. Individuals are covered for mental health services and inpatient and outpatient treatment services for substance abuse rehabilitation.

Plan Names

  • Bronze 60 PureCare HSP – $6,300 deductible
  • Silver 70 CommunityCare HMO – $2,500 deductible
  • Gold 80 CommunityCare HMO – $0 deductible
  • Platinum 90 CommunityCare HMO – $0 deductible

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente in California offers four plan levels, including bronze, silver, gold and platinum to meet your health insurance needs. Plan pricing will be dependent on your specific details and health insurance plan needs. In general, individuals can expect monthly premiums to range between $250 and $650 or more. Substance use disorder and mental health services are covered under these health insurance plans.

Plan Names

  • Bronze 60 HDHP HMO – $4,800 deductible
  • Bronze 60 HMO – $6,300 deductible
  • Silver 70 HMO – $2,500 deductible
  • Gold 80 HMO – $0 deductible
  • Platinum 90 HMO – $0 deductible

Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare offers bronze, gold, silver and platinum health insurance plans to individuals who reside within the state of California. These plans offer inpatient and outpatient coverage of substance abuse and mental health conditions. Monthly premium prices range between $250 and $450 or more dollars a month for a single individual.

Plan Names

  • Bronze 60 HMO – $6,300 deductible
  • Silver 70 HMO – $2,500 deductible
  • Gold 80 HMO – $0 deductible
  • Platinum 90 HMO – $0 deductible


OSCAR health insurance plans are available in four categories, including bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Mental health and substance abuse treatments are covered for both inpatient and outpatient care. Individuals can expect to pay between $240 and $450 or more per month.

Plan Names

  • Bronze 60 HDHP EPO – $4,800 deductible
  • Bronze 60 EPO – $6,300 deductible
  • Silver 70 EPO – $2,500 deductible
  • Gold 80 EPO – $0 deductible
  • Platinum 90 EPO – $0 deductible

United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers core health insurance plans via Independent American Insurance Company and Golden Rule Insurance company. These plans cover inpatient hospital stays and inpatient and outpatient surgery services as well as intensive care. Individual also receive one wellness or preventative care visit, outpatient office visits and certain diagnostic and testing services. Mental health and addiction treatment are not covered under these plans. Because these plans are not part of the health insurance exchange and do not meet coverage requirements, they are significantly less expensive with monthly premium prices ranging from $80 to $300 or more.

Plan Names

  • Core Access Value Plan 1 – $0 to $5,000 deductibles
  • Core Access Value Plan 2 – $0 to $5,000 deductibles
  • Core Access Premier Plan 1 – $0 to $5,000 deductibles
  • Core Access Premier Plan 2 – $0 to $5,000 deductibles
  • Core Access Value Plan 1 with Dental Bundle – No listed deductible


Medi-Cal is a state-sponsored health insurance plan that is available to low-income individuals. It is important to note that Medi-Cal is the state’s Medicaid program. Medi-Cal covers behavioral healthcare and substance use disorder treatment. To qualify for coverage, individuals must be at or below 138 percent of the poverty level, which is $16,395 for a household of one.

More Insurance Options for California Drug Rehab Programs

California Aetna

California Cigna

California Humana

Drug Specific Coverage for Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Health insurance plans are not allowed to deny coverage or provide unequal coverage for substance use disorders, which include alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, stimulant, hallucinogen and opioid use disorders. This means that if you need treatment for an addiction to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, meth, crack cocaine, LSD or other legal or illegal substance, your health insurance carrier should provide you with coverage.

Rehabilitation Treatments Offered in California

Your rehabilitation, treatment options will depend on the facility where you choose to get treatment. Thankfully, California offers numerous substance abuse treatment facilities including inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, luxury treatment centers, religiously inclined treatment centers, facilities for men and women and holistic treatment centers that offer natural treatment options for individuals with substance use disorder.

Natural and Medical Detox

The first step to healing from your substance use disorder is going through detox. This is where you stop using your drug of choice and let your body rid itself of the substance. This can be accomplished naturally with only palliative treatments to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, or you can opt to choose a facility that offers medical detox, which involves switching your drug of choice or a safer, physician prescribed medication.

Inpatient And Outpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment involves living inside the treatment center for the duration of your substance use disorder treatment program. Short-term inpatient treatment programs last about 30 days. Long-term treatment programs last longer than 90 days.

Outpatient treatment can involve partial hospitalization or attending counseling and a step-based program on a regular basis. Partial hospitalization programs involve checking into the treatment center multiple time a week for several hours and receiving comprehensive treatment and counseling while you are there. Outpatient counseling involves seeing a therapist on a regular basis and talking about your addiction and the various aspects of who you are and why you became addicted. Step-based programs involve meeting with a group and completing certain steps in order to reach the next level of the program.

Holistic Treatment Programs in California

Holistic substance use disorder treatment options seek to treat the whole person naturally as they heal. These programs may offer counseling, wilderness trips, massage, acupuncture, and meditation to help you heal from your addiction.

Behavioral Counseling and Therapy for Substance Abuse

Behavioral counseling and therapy are essential in order to overcome substance use disorder. Many facilities offer individual, group and family counseling and well as behavioral therapy to help you turn undesirable habits into healthy, productive habits.

When it comes to getting the treatment you need to overcome your substance use disorder and become a productive member of your family and community, your insurance plan can help you by paying for certain expenses related to your treatment. This will lessen you and your family’s financial liability and allow you to focus on healing.

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