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California Humana clients seeking drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, or other type of addiction treatment option may have found exactly the resource they need at to help match them up with effective, yet affordable addiction treatment and addiction rehab. If you live in California and you want to use your Humana insurance for a drug rehab or alcohol rehab, whether it be inpatient or outpatient, in or near California, there are literally hundreds of options that could be available to you.  But we have to get started right away!  The sooner we get started, the sooner that you or your loved one is on the path to recovery!  Don’t wait one more day!  For immediate assistance, please fill out our contact form and we can assist you quickly and compassionately.

Those California residents living in or near Chico, Eureka, Stockton, Sacramento, Oceanside, Riverside, San Diego, Lompac, Fresno, San Jose, Bakersfield, Oakland, San Francisco, or Los Angeles have a wealth of alcohol rehab, drug rehab, counseling, and detox options to choose from. With so many options available, it is vitally important that a person who is struggling with addiction or has a family member or friend struggling with addiction understand which drug rehab or alcohol rehab has the best chance at getting the job done and helping a person achieve a lasting sobriety.

Factor in the red tape that can be associated with major health insurance policies, and now a California resident seeking addiction treatment may feel overwhelmed. While health insurance policies and plans can be complicated, Humana often on some of their plan often excellent substance abuse, drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, and counseling benefits.

Our job at is clearly defined. We offer free, professional input and advice on how to best utilize your health insurance while ensuring that you get the best and most applicable counseling, detox, alcohol rehab, or drug rehab. Translation: California residents seeking drug or alcohol rehab with Humana insurance can get free support in their endeavors.

At, we have a wealth of experience working with the major insurance companies like Humana. We can help you understand the benefits that your Humana policy offers in the arena of the addiction treatment world and we can help you understand how to get those benefits to work for you.

At, we are also experts in the fields of drug rehab, alcohol rehab, counseling, and detox. We can help California residents understand which addiction treatment option may best suit their needs and which have the highest likelihood of success.

While addiction can be painful, at least now you know that you are not alone and that there is help available to help you sift through all the drug rehab and alcohol rehab options that may work with Humana. We invite you to contact us for help.  We invite you to regain the life of sobriety for yourself or for your loved one.  You can do it!  We can help!  For immediate assistance offered by real professionals at no charge, please fill out our contact form so that we can get a hold of you.  Let’s get started right away!

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