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Many individuals who are addicted to methadone will eventually realize that it is time to seek out effective drug rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, or addiction treatment.  Those individual who are fortunate enough to be clients of insurance providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, as well as other reputable providers may have a valuable resource on hand.  Despite its medicinal use, methadone is one of the most addictive substances known to mankind and quitting methadone can seem like it is an impossible endeavor.  But there can be a way to overcome methadone addiction and it all starts by receiving free and confidential help once you fill out our contact form or call our helpline!

When a user has progressed to methadone use, this can be a marker that some type of issue is well out-of-hand.  Methadone is used as an analgesic, similar to morphine, for severe pain.  On the other hand, methadone can be used as an opiate substitute.  This means that an individual can abuse the drug for its euphoric effects or that an individual can take the medication to help stave off withdrawal symptoms caused from the cessation of other opiate drugs such as heroin or oxycodone.

Methadone is readily available and frequently prescribed.  It can also be easily found on the streets in most major cities.  In fact, many major cities allow the operation of methadone clinics where users will report daily or weekly to receive their allotted dosage.  This is all done under the philosophy of what is known as Harm Reduction Treatment.  The philosophy basically states that individuals are likely to do less harm to themselves and to society if they receive a controlled, legal dose of methadone compared to, for example, uncontrolled heroin.  Additionally, as methadone is administered orally, users will be less likely to share needles and pass communicable diseases.  Other studies have shown that users will be less apt to commit crimes such as robberies or theft for drugs because now their doses are much more assured.


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Despite these benefits, methadone is extremely addictive both physically and psychologically.  In fact, some users state that methadone is even more addictive than heroin.  Many methadone programs tout their intention to titrate, or wean down, users during enrollment.  However, ample information can be found clarifying the fact that some users remain on methadone for years and even for decades when their original intention was to only be on methadone for a short while.

Perhaps the primary reason individuals remain on methadone is because of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use or even as dosage is decreased.  Withdrawal symptoms can include severe nausea, diarrhea, cramping, vomiting, insomnia, muscle and body aches, hot and cold sweats, headache, depression, anxiety, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, as well as many other adverse reactions.  Unfortunately, intense methadone withdrawal symptoms usually last for weeks and months.

Although overcoming a methadone addiction can be a difficult endeavor, thousands of individuals before you have succeeded and so can you!  But a key component in your success or your loved one’s success will be identifying and enrolling into the correct and appropriate rehab, detox, or counseling option.  There are over 11,000 United States addiction treatment options.  Some of these options specialize in methadone addiction.  Some of these options do work with private insurance companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and other reputable companies.  Together these components, along with our help, can help to pave the path of recovery for you or yours!

At, we are highly expert and knowledgeable about addiction treatment in the United States.  Our primary goal is to help you get matched up with the option that has the highest probability and likelihood of success.  But we can also help you to factor in any other known or unknown preferences such as program methodology, duration, location, and even finer details such as rules and regulations.  The bottom line is that we are a free, confidential, and trusted resource at your disposal and we want you to put the methadone addiction behind you forever!

Because of the severity of withdrawal from methadone, insurance benefits such as those offered through Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and reputable providers can often be easier to access.  These companies are considered the leaders in the treatment fields of chemical dependency, substance abuse, mental health, and alcoholism.  Methadone treatment most often requires hospital detox which is the highest level of care offered on many insurance plans.  This can, in some cases, translate to many thousands of dollars worth of coverage.

Once hospital detox is complete, many insurance companies will authorize further care at varying levels such as inpatient rehab, residential rehab, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and individual therapy.  You may possibly have a wealth of resources that you can put to use that will help you to make quality addiction treatment care much more financially feasible.  If you can beat methadone addiction and not have to take on a ton of personal costs, then what is stopping you?

Methadone addiction can be overcome and the best course of action is through drug rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, and addiction treatment.  Some private insurance plans such as some of those offered through Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and other providers may ultimately be the keys to your success.  The pain and suffering of methadone addiction ends now!  For immediate, confidential, and free assistance, fill out our contact form or call our helpline!

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