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Drug addiction and alcoholism require effective drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, or addiction treatment and if you are a client of Humana insurance, then there is a possibility that you may have a very handy tool to help with your recovery endeavor. The pain and misery of addiction that you or your loved one has been dealing with can finally be a thing of the past.  You had enough to courage to take the first step and begin the research process.  But now it is time to have the courage to take the next step and contact us for free and confidential advice by filling out our contact form or by calling us now.

Many Humana clients who are dealing with the anguish of chemical dependency or substance abuse issues do not even know where to start to begin the healing and recovery process.  Handling the chaos of addiction can be a full time job.  Trying to find an effective treatment option could mean that now you have to undertake another arduous and timely task.  For some Humana clients, this is simply not possible.

There are over 11,000 rehab, detox, and counseling options in the United States.  How would one know which addiction treatment options accept Humana as a form of payment?  How would one know which rehab, detox, or counseling option would be best suited for them?  How could one gauge which treatment methodology is safe and effective?  Selecting the appropriate addiction treatment option can boil down to a life or death issue.  If a person doesn’t get help, they are likely destined to end up in the hospital, prison, or the morgue.



At, we know the gravity of the situation for those addicted to cocaine, meth, heroin, prescription medication, or alcohol.  We also know that thousands of Humana clients have beat their addictions forever.  We can help you to match up with the most appropriate and suitable rehab, detox, or counseling options.  Our help is free, your personal information is confidential, and we are highly familiar with the array of addiction treatment options throughout the U.S.  It truly could be within your best interests to contact us right away.

The good news is that some Humana insurance plans, depending on the type of plan, do offer benefits for rehab, detox, and counseling.  Insurance benefits for addiction treatment are usually broken down by the types of services.  These services, listed from most intensive to least intensive, are hospital detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and individual therapy.  Some Humana plans may be comprehensive in their coverage and cover all of the above levels of care.  Additionally, some Humana plans offer coverage for chemical dependency, mental health, and alcoholism.

What this may possibly mean for some Humana clients is that they can now receive quality and effective addiction treatment that would otherwise be too costly. It is true that some of the more effective rehab, detox, and counseling options can range into the costs of thousands.  But a good Humana plan with the right type of benefits may possible cover a substantial portion of the treatment costs.  This means that Humana insurance plans have literally saved people’s lives and prevented them from going bankrupt in the process.

Humana clients deserve to get effective drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, and addiction treatment.  You must now take your first steps on the path of recovery.  Step one to receive free and confidential help is to contact us now via our contact form or via our hotline.

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