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Knowing how to find the right drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, or addiction treatment option can be a very trying process, especially if you are hopeful that your Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance plan will help to cover some of the expense.  Alcoholism and drug addiction to drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, and even prescription medication can be pure misery, chaos, and can suck the energy right out of a person.  This leaves little time to research and locate the right addiction treatment option for your particular situation.  But that is why we are here.  It is time for you to take your first steps on the path of recovery by contacting us for free and confidential help via our contact form or our hotline.

The good news is that, generally speaking, Blue Cross Blue Shield is widely respected in the fields of treatment for chemical dependency, substance abuse, alcoholism, and mental health.  While not all Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans offer the same equality in coverage and benefits, many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans may possibly offer an array of benefits for rehab, detox, and counseling.  This may mean that you can access effective treatment that would not otherwise be affordable.  But using insurance for addiction treatment can get complicated sometimes.

To use a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan for treatment, it is important that the policy holder understands what benefits exist on their policy and it is important to understand what insurance benefits can be directly correlated. Many Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans may possibly offer either alcohol treatment benefits or chemical dependency benefits or both.  It is important that the policy holder understand that alcohol benefits may not cover drug abuse or chemical dependency issues and, likewise, that chemical dependency benefits will not necessarily cover alcohol treatment.  Many people struggling with addiction issues qualify for diagnosis as polysubstance, or multi-substance, abusers.  In those cases, it is hopeful that the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan does offer both alcohol and chemical dependency benefits.


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We also recommend that you understand that there are different levels and intensity of care offered by various addiction treatment options, physicians, and counselors.  In some cases, this may be how Blue Cross Blue Shield establishes their per diem, or per day, billing rate.  Because hospital care and hospital detoxification typically requires the most medical scrutiny, these services are usually the most costly.  At the other end of the spectrum, one hour outpatient therapy sessions are usually not near as costly as hospital treatment.  Most of the reputable and effective rehab, detox, and counseling options are well-familiar with the insurance claims process.  At, we can help simplify the process for you as well and get you connected to effective addiction treatment options that may be able to help verify your benefits.

Your main objective should be selecting the very most compatible rehab, detox, or counseling option that has the absolute best chance at helping you or your loved one obtain lifetime sobriety.  That should always be your primary goal!  Sobriety exists through effective drug rehab, alcohol rehab, detox, counseling, therapy, or addiction treatment.  Your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan could possibly end up being a great tool to help you along the way.  So let’s get started right now!  For free, confidential, and immediate assistance you must fill out our contact form or call us straight away.

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